Game Workshop have now teased us with Kill Team.

This site will accommodate this new platform and continue to support Shadow War Zone.

Please consider donating to support this development and a move to a new server which will be quicker and more reliable.

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Site stats...

2,825 Users
2,667 Kill Teams
27,710 Fighters
4,624 Battles Completed
3,625 Skills
121,019 pieces of Equipment.

The most popular Ranged Weapon is the Bolt Pistol, with 3,015 Fighters using it.

The most popular Melee Weapon is the Choppa, with 1,530 Fighters using it.

The most popular piece of Equipment is the Red Dot Laser Sight, with 4,787 Fighters using it.

The most popular Fighter is the Boy, with 1,859 Fighters.

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