About Shadow War Zone

Shadow War Zone is a tool for players of the Warhammer Shadow War Armageddon table top game. It’s designed for use before, during and after gaming sessions. It allows users to build teams, track campaigns, and store skills.

Launched in May 2017, SWZ as built by Jake Noble in Symfony3 and MySQL. It’s still being built, with new features and bug fixes being added all the time.

Its all broken and does not work - can you help?

I want to hear from you! Tweet me or send me a message via my Cadian Shock Facebook Page.

I have an awesome idea, can you add it?

Please, tell me more! Tweet me or send me a message via my Cadian Shock Facebook Page.

Can I feature Shadow War Zone on my blog/videos?

Of course, contact me if you would like my input. Via Twitter or Cadian Shock Facebook Page.

Why is there a Paypal Donate button?

I do this project because I enjoy it and enjoy getting great feedback from the user base. To help me continue to do this and host the site donations are always welcome.

About Me

I live in Derby, UK and I am a full time freelance web developer. I have been working for myself in some capacity or another for over a decade.

I have been playing 40K since March 2014 and cadianshock.com is my blog. I played when I was younger too, well at least until I went to University and then sold everything for beer money :-(

I’m passionate about combining my work as a developer and my love of the 40K universe, and creating apps and websites that help people engage with, learn more about and get better at 40K (and now Shadow War).