Change Log & Road Map

View all the changes made on Shadow War Zone.

June 23rds 2017

  • Chaos Cultists can now use Weapon Reloads.

June 21st 2017

  • You can now add a profile image from your Profile Page.
  • You can not comment on other user's Kill Teams! Find it at the bottom of the public view.
  • New Recruits no longer get a Mission Completed marker when they go out of action.
  • Added profiles for Lascannon, Multi-Melta, Seismic Cannon, Demo Charge, Mining Laser, Condemnor Boltgun, Rending Claw, Web Pistol, Webber, Razorflails, Incinerator and Diresword.

June 20th 2017

  • Fixed a bug that allowed any GSC member to take a Rending Claw.
  • Added profiles for Digital Weapons, Harlequins Caress, Nemesis Daemon Hammer and Powerglaive.

June 19th 2017

June 14th 2017

  • Cultists can now use Weapon Reload.
  • Tau can now add Drones after they have 10 Fighters.

June 9th 2017

  • Anonymous Kill Team creation is now possible. No need to register. But you can only create one Kill Team, cannot add images and cannot create or join Campaigns.
  • Needle Pistol stats fixed.
  • Stopped Battle update emails and Campaign update emails being sent to the Campaign owner when updating their own Battles.
  • Fixed an issue where cloning a Fighter would fail but not error was shown - e.g. because you already had the max number of Specialists.
  • Most Popular Kill Teams is now based on views over the last week - not overall views. This should give a better churn on the homepage. Views reset every Sunday night.

June 8th 2017

  • You can now add Background about your Kill Teams.
  • Warn about possible duplicate Battles that took place within 24 hours of each other between the same Kill Teams, in the same Campaign and with the same outcome.
  • Eldar Weapon Platform stats.
  • Improved the handling of Campaign Battles. You can now select a Battle and NOT being in a Campaign which will remove the assignment of your opponent thus clearing up the Campaign if you accidentally selected Campaign and an opponent even when it was not a Campaign battle.
  • Tyranids can no longer swamp equipment.
  • Fixed an issue where Fighters could never get a Skill, even in Manual Mode.

June 7th 2017

  • Tyranid Spawn now have WS4, it was 5, that was wrong.
  • You can now rename your Campaigns.
  • Campaigns can now be deleted.
  • Added invisible reCAPTCHA for new user sign ups.
  • Removed activate account via email requirement.
  • Fixed an issue which meant Campaign tables could not be sorted.

June 6th 2017

  • Fixed an issue on Campaigns where Wins and Losses were not calculated correctly.
  • Campaigns! Find them in the top right menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Fighters who had been promoted could not get new Skills.
  • A few UI improvement and new navigation.

June 5th 2017

  • Improved Public View of Kill Teams on Mobile.
  • New Home and Twitter icons.

June 4th 2017

  • More weapon and equipment profiles.

June 3rd 2017

  • More weapon and equipment profiles.

June 2nd 2017

  • More weapon and equipment profiles.

June 1st 2017

  • You can now see how many views your Kill Teams are getting.
  • Show Missions Completed counter for New Recruits.
  • You can no longer select New Recruits to get an Advance while Completing a Game.
  • Fixed Pulse Rifle stat line.
  • Fixed Rail Rifle stat line.

May 30th 2017

  • Add Fighter is now back when Recruiting a Kill Team after a battle.
  • Fixed scrolling to new Fighters, so its not awful. Also removed the scroll to when editing a Fighter, as it was somewhat jarring.
  • Removing a piece of equipment no longer forces a page reload.
  • Dead Fighters no longer appear in the "Who Advanced?" part of the Complete Game form.
  • Dead Fighters no longer appear in the "Which Fighters took part?" part of the Complete Game form.
  • Dead Fighters no longer appear in the Serious Injury list when Completing a Game.
  • An issue where an error was created e.g. the Kill Team was over points, but the Kill Team was still saved is now fixed.
  • Points from dead Fighters can no longer be used as extra points when re-arming.
  • Added new weapon profiles.
  • Duplicating a Fighter now correctly duplicates all their equipment, not just their default equipment.
  • Duplicating an Inquisitorial Acolyte now clones the WS and BS.

May 29th 2017

  • Dead Fighters no longer appear on a Roster.
  • NEW! Roster View with printable/downloadable PDF!
  • Battles and Missions completed can now be changed per Fighter.
  • A sticky header now exists when editing your Kill Team so you can always see its current points.
  • Fighters can now take two Basic weapons.
  • Fighters can now take two Special weapons.
  • All the page refreshing and being dumped at the top of the screen when editing a Kill Team is now gone.
  • You can now create a new Kill Team with no restrictions an no need to Complete a Game to get all the Kill Team's Fighters in Shadow War Zone.
  • Fix the name of the What Doesn't Kill You serious injury.
  • The collapsing and expanding of fighters now works a lot better and is remembered if its your Kill Team. Other user's Kill Teams will always open fully expanded.
  • You can now more easily create experienced Kill Teams. Create a new Kill Team and use the new check box.

May 28th 2017

  • The more notable changes are now bold on this page.
  • Fixed Rending Claw for GSC.
  • Editable Kill Team names.

May 27th 2017

  • No changes - I went camping!

May 26th 2017

  • Improved expand and collapse on mobile.
  • It is now possible to give a Fighter two Skills because of an Advancement and because of the What Doesn't Kill You injury.

May 25th 2017

  • Limited the available selections when adding a Fighter - based on current Kill Team when adding new Fighters. E.g if you have the max number of Specialists already, adding another is disabled.
  • Fighters can now be collapsed and opened.
  • Captured Fighters can now be released for free.
  • Chaos Cultists no have armour.
  • Chaos Cultists no longer can have a Mark.
  • Fighters who are Captured can now be release for one Promethium Cache.
  • Painful Recoveries, Captures and Head Wounds now stop you from using the Fighter in a mission.
  • Manually removing a mission now reduces the total number of battles for a new recruit.

May 24th 2017

  • Fixed an issue which meant that selecting a Mark for a CSM Kill Team Leader would not show.
  • Arc Rifle and Galvanic Rifle stats corrected.
  • Replacements now work correctly. e.g. this now works replacing a Storm Bolter with a Psycannon, then removing the Psycannon and replacing it with some other weapon.
  • The stats at the top now show how many of each Fighter your Kill Team currently has.
  • Fixed an issue with Scything Talons that gave too much WS bonus.
  • You can now rotate Fighter and Kill Team images once they are uploaded.

May 23rd 2017

  • The best armour save and best invun save now show based on a Fighters equipment.
  • Move equipment between Fighters.
  • Individual Fighter images can now be added.
  • Reasons are now given when equipment cannot be taken.
  • If you could not add Skills in the past, this is now fixed.
  • Chaos Boltgun stats are back again - they went away for a while.
  • If your promoted new recruits could not add anu equipment, that is now fixed.

May 22nd 2017

  • New Recruits now get new equipment when promoted.
  • Another fix for New Recruits not getting the right stats.
  • Ammo that can only be added to Fighters with a certain Mark is now restricted to that Fighter type only.
  • Inferno Rounds now create a new alternative mode for Boltguns and Bolt Pistols.
  • You can now add the same Ammunition type twice, e.g. once to a Bolt Pistol and once to a Boltgun.
  • Cloning a Fighter now prompts for their name right away.
  • S for melee weapons now display correctly in Battle View.
  • Added a Paypal Donate button.

May 21st 2017

  • More weapon and equipment profiles.
  • Having multiple Pairs Of Scything Talons now grants the correct boost to WS.

May 20th 2017

  • Kill Team image!
  • Grenades are back - sorry for removing them.
  • Taking an Inquisition New Recruit past their 3rd mission now allows you to select an increase in WS or BS.
  • Taking a New Recruit past their 3rd mission now upgrades their stats.

May 19th 2017

  • Most popular/common Weapon and Equipment Profiles added e.g. Bolt weapons, Photo-Visor, Camo Gear, Red Dot Sight, etc.
  • Lots of Weapon Profiles added - including all from the main rule book.
  • Weapon Profiles have started to be added - more coming over the weekend!
  • New Print View which doubles up at Battle View.
  • Fixed an issue where Equipment that was attached to another piece of Equipment was ot Cloned when creating a new Fighter.
  • An issue was fixed where CSM Fighters that were not Cultists could not take certain Equipment.

May 18th 2017

  • Battle View no longer shows notes.
  • Skitarii can now use Sights on the right weapons.
  • About page uses Disqus.
  • Added an About page.

May 17th 2017

  • Scout Gunners can no longer take Hand-to-Hand weapons.
  • Finishing your Rearming or Recruiting now cannot be done if a Fighter is still due a Skill.
  • You can now add extra points when completing a battle - e.g. from hidden caches in game.
  • Default pieces of equipment can now be removed.
  • Scavenger skill fixed - this now gives you 50 pts as expected.
  • Inquisition can now take Sniper Rifles with Toxin Rounds.
  • Dire Avenger Exarch can now take the Twin Catapult.
  • Monomolecular Blade points cost fixed from 35 to 30.
  • SM Scout Gunners and SW Scout Gunners can no longer use Basic Weapons.
  • Fixed Kill Team count - to only be finalised KTs.
  • Skitarii can now use Red Dot Sights on the right weapons.
  • Removed the Delete KT button from public profiles, it was there but did not work.

May 16th 2017

  • You now have a public profile page containing all your finalised Kill Teams - share away!
  • When creating a Fighter you can now opt to create another right away.
  • The page no longer completely reloads when adding Fighters or adding Equipment. This should make creating Kill Teams faster.
  • Grey Knight Gunners can now correctly take a Special Weapon rather tha being forced to take a Hand-to-Hand weapon.
  • Inquisition Needle Pistols can now take Toxin Rounds.

May 15th 2017

  • Fixed an issue where some weapons were not available for Sister's of Battle Specialists.
  • The Scavenger skill will now grant you extra points to spend if the Fighter took part and was injured.
  • Allow Fighters to have 2 or more Pistols.
  • Allow Fighters to have 2 or more Hand-to-Hand weapons.
  • Added Stealth skill text.
  • Added Muscle skill text.
  • Added Combat skill text.
  • Added Ferocity skill text.
  • Added Guerrilla skill text.
  • Added Agility skill text.

May 14th 2017

  • Fighters and their Equipment can be duplicated.

Road Map

A list of the upcoming features for Shadow War Zone. I just started this list so its a little short at the moment...

  • Battle images.
  • Campaign images.
  • Special Operatives.
  • More equipment and weapon profiles.