The Glaw Device 4 Kill Teams

The prototype housing for Pontius Glaw's tainted mind has activated, broadcasting a siren call throughout the warp. Though empty, it whispers promises of forbidden and forgotten technologies, scattered with it beneath the ruined surface of Respa III. To Chaos, the chance to ensconse and revive thier twisted souls is too tempting to pass up. The Convent of the Skitaari covet the mechanisms themselves, envious of the transfer from flesh to machine. The Grey Knights cannot tolerate the existence of such devices, and come to purify with flame and blade. The Orks were passing through, and smelt a bloody good scrap. Securing a shiny, whispery thing to stick on the front of a battlewagon is an added bonus.
  • 1 Chaos Space Marines 25.00%
  • 1 Grey Knights 25.00%
  • 1 Orks 25.00%
  • 1 Skitarii 25.00%
  • Total Kill Teams 4
Player Kill Team Faction Points Ranking pts Fighters Battles Wins Draws Losses Promethium Actions
littleriley Convent for... Skitarii 2,079pts 2,299pts 10 12 4 0 8 13
smartcasual The Rotted Hand Chaos Space Marines 2,342pts 2,697pts 10 13 9 0 4 12
mikethelad Bloodbowl Factory Orks (Goffs) 2,695pts 2,885pts 20 13 10 0 3 12
Leorill Titan's Purge Grey Knights 1,910pts 2,130pts 5 12 2 0 10 4


The Ranking Points takes into account:

  • +25pts per skill that a Kill Team has.
  • +15pts per stat increase that a Kill Team has.