The Door in the Dark 3 Kill Teams

A long forgotten webway portal sits buried under thousands of effluent foulness, the anchor stones swallowed in to an ancient sewage system. An explosion a hundred stories above shakes gently the Hive from brick to pipe, dislodging the filth. A group of necrons, accidental travellers and long lost in the maze of the webway find themselves tumbled suddenly back in to realspace - caught in the churning mess of filth as it flows out in to the forgotten underhive. Several are lost or scattered along the way The Harlequins, guardians of the black library and custodians of the webway seek to seal the errant portal, before its location is discovered by the enemies of the eldar. They will bring the hive itself down atop it if needs be inquisitor armitage assembled a team to investigate the rumours of the portal, and was caught off-guard by the unexpected presence of the necrons (hence the initial clusterfuck) she wants to destroy the portal, she's not rogue enough to want to learn from it not the moment, at least The resource scramble is a 3 way tug of war, with enough promethium the harlequins can melt the foundations of the hive to hide the portal. To damage the portal itself would damage the webway The necrons seek enough power to burn a signal through the miles of rock and lead above them to their tomb world for retrieval By controlling the resources the inquistion buy themselves time from the xenos acheiving their dark goals. With suffiicient quantities they could re-ignite the ancient boilers and flush the entire system through, destroying the underhive and the vermin that have invested it in a crushing torrent of rock and shit
  • 1 Harlequins 33.33%
  • 1 Inquisition 33.33%
  • 1 Necrons 33.33%
  • Total Kill Teams 3
Player Kill Team Faction Points Ranking pts Fighters Battles Wins Draws Losses Promethium Actions
smartcasual Inquisitor... Inquisition 2,433pts 2,983pts 10 11 6 0 5 15
mikethelad The Trust Necrons 2,335pts 2,655pts 10 11 7 0 4 13
Leorill Harlequins Harlequins 1,765pts 1,935pts 5 8 2 0 6 4


The Ranking Points takes into account:

  • +25pts per skill that a Kill Team has.
  • +15pts per stat increase that a Kill Team has.